International Day of the Indigenous Peoples : the Jarawa People are more at risk than ever.

Jarawa hunter we are humanity ©claire beilvert

Despite the recent arrests, during the last months, more and more poachers have been entering the Jarawa territory to hunt illegally their game. They are harassing the Jarawa communities, giving them tobacco and alcohol. Clock is ticking, the Jarawa people are more at risk than ever.

The Jarawa’s territory is patrolled 24/7 by the Indian army and no one can enter there without the complicity of the Andaman authorities. But lot of poachers go on hunting and starving the Jarawas. Wild meat is sold in the Indian local markets.

 Jarawa man and his son we are humanity ©Claire Beilvert

The Indian government ignore the Jarawa’s call for self-determination. They have opened special school to « educate » them. They said they will give them bananas to make them go to these schools. There is no policy to protect the Jarawa people. The local government has decided to build a railway trough their forest and the building works will take months and destroy the Jarawa people for ever.

We call you to sign the petition to keep the Jarawas safe. 165,000 people have already signed it.

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