But why are the Jarawas always happy and not us?

But why are the Jarawas always happy and not us?

Onia is always busy making loincloths, baskets, fish traps. These items are for everyone. Onia works for the common good. She has defined the space where she can develop according to her talents, collaborating for the good of all.

Etalay makes up for the children. No one tells her she should make baskets. Ramo stayed on the beach to play wild pig with the children. No one forced him to go hunting. Yonukay prefers to make flower necklaces. No one tells her she should make up the children.

Onia, Etalay, Ramo and Yonukay contribute in their own way to collective happiness. 

That's the secret of their happiness:

To work for the good of all, to be busy doing something we are proud of, to collaborate in the common project, to build harmony together, without receiving orders, blame, judgments, knowing that no one will seek to exclude you, that everyone will respect your choices,

This is the Jarawa way of life.

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