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C - THE JARAWAS PHOTO BOOK Shipping and taxes included


It is a magnificent and unique book in the world. Claire Beilvert spent several weeks with the Jarawas shooting the film "We are Humanity". She met them with their agreement and shared their lives to offer you her exceptional photos. photobook ©claire beilvert


This book is a moment of grace, a few fleeting and unforgettable days with the oldest of the peoples. They live freely and happily in an egalitarian society where solidarity is the norm. They have neither Gods nor leaders and yet they have lived in harmony and joy for 50,000 years. photobook ©claire beilvert

It is a book to tell this extraordinary story to children. The book is organized into short stories. At the end of the book, you will find the captions of the photos. photobook ©claire beilvert

PHOTO BOOK 116 pages A4 horizontal format

112 exceptional photos of Claire Beilvert

French text by Alexandre Dereims

Hard cover - Sewn back

21 x 2.2 x 29.7 cm

Shipping costs (9 € Collisimo) and taxes included - Delivery two weeks

Actually french version available photobook ©claire beilvert photobook ©claire beilvert photobook ©claire beilvert