From May 1 to June 30, 2019, we are launching the campaign 

60 days for one million signings

to get a million signatures for the petition against the human zoo on the Andaman Islands, in India.

We have already collected 270,000 signatures.
We need 730,000 more.

To achieve this, we call on all those who have signed the petition,
who support us on social networks,
who wrote about our work and the Jarawas,
who completed the forms on the site,
who are members of the JARAWAS association, 

you, your friends, your workmate, 

to help us.

You can make a donation to the JARAWAS association. 
Whatever the amount, it is welcome and the membership costs only 10€.

But money is not everything, quite the contrary.

You can help us very effectively by alerting us those who are already mobilizing for humanist causes and which are very popular on social networks.

We have selected several influencers known for their commitment to women, the planet and social rights.

But you can add personalities that matter to you.

Just copy the tweet and send it with your twitter account in May and June, between 12 am and 2 pm.

Copy this Tweet :

The #Jarawa are #AfricanAsian, they are the common ancestors of all humans, the last Homo Sapiens. They are treated like animals in a human #zoo in India There are only 400 of them left! pls Sign the petition to end this dreadful zoo.

Choose and Add one influencer :

Oprah Winfrey :  @Oprah

Whoopi Goldberg :  @WhoopiGoldberg

Leonardo DiCaprio :  @LeoDiCaprio

Barack Obama : @BarackObama

Michelle Obama : @MichelleObama

Susan Sarandon : @SusanSarandon

Charlize Theron : @CharlizeAfrica

Forest Whitaker :  @ForestWhitaker

Jane Seymour Fonda : @Janefonda

Jamie Lee Curtis :  @jamieleecurtis

Ellen DeGeneres  : @TheEllenShow

and TWEET!

Start again with another influencer. And so on...

Time is running out!
Since the beginning of April, there have been elections in India and June 30th is the closing day. As soon as the result is known, we will send the signatures to India's new Prime Minister.

We're counting on you.