We met the Jarawa people and it changed our lives. We dedicate ourselves to make them known and protected. We have created a small film production company and a foundation to bring together all those who also want the Jarawas to live happily, freely and in peace away from our world.

Head of campaign & Film Producer : Claire Beilvert

Claire Beilvert is a photographer and documentary producer. For more than 10 years she has been devoting herself to long-term projects. Exile is the main theme of her work.

She spent several years in Myanmar investigating the Karen war of rebellion against the military junta and in China investigating North Korean women fleeing the dictatorship and attempting to reach Seoul. For two years she followed African refugees heading to Europe through the Ténéré desert and war-ridden Libya.

'Les Aventuriers' (The Explorers), a work on African refugees, has been exhibited at galleries such as the Aiguillage in Paris. She regularly collaborates with Doctor Without Borders, IOM, the International Red Cross and various paper and online publications.

In 2004, she and film-maker Alexandre Dereims created Première Nouvelle Productions, a production company whose documentaries have won many awards.

Campaigner & Film Director  : Alexandre Dereims

Award-winning filmmaker Alexandre Dereims has been working as a documentary film director for more than 20 years. His work tells human rights issues and exile stories. With Claire Beilvert who produces his films, he secretly filmed the North Korean refugees from China to Seoul, he followed the African migrants and shared their daily life in the Sahara desert during their trip to Europe.He directed a documentary in Cambodia about the Khmer Rouge trial (where he interviewed Khieu Samphan), in Myanmar with the Karen fighters, in China and Laos following the North Korean defectors, in Niger and Libya during the Arab Spring in the footsteps of Africans migrants. 

He has been awarded with the Golden Nymph & the Red Cross Committee in Monte Carlo and the Albert Londres (the French Pulitzer). 

His last documentary "Our Forgotten Souls is narrated by Mr Donald Sutherland. It's an unique and beautiful dive into the life of the Jarawa people in the Andamans Islands in India.


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