WE ARE HUMANITY, the Jarawa feature documentary 

90 minutes

Dear friends, we need your help to spread the message of the Jarawa people.

This film is very important. We have met the Jarawa people to give them a voice. For the first time, they have decided to talk to the world. It's a cry for help!  They have trusted us. They gave us a mission : convey their message to the world.

Meeting these beautiful souls, we also discovered a world of peace and happiness. The Jarawas are living the same way for 70,000 years. They have kept human values that we had forgotten a long time ago: freedom, respect for nature, gender equality, solidarity... They have decided to stick with love, to be free and happy. 

Making our documentary "We are Humanity", we have tried our best to give you back the incredible experience we have lived with these shinning people. "We are Humanity" will embark you to a journey through time to the origins of humankind. This film has something special, it makes you happy, it makes you feel better. You will be hooked within the first minutes...

It took us 5 years to complete "We are Humanity". This film is a miracle. We have funded it by ourselves. From now on, we are working to get the film screened in theaters worldwide. We need you to spread the message of the Jarawas. More people will know them, more people will help them and sign the petition to keep them safe. 60,000 people have already signed it!

Become a film's sponsor.  Help us to make it big! Support our crowdfunding and pre-order our DVD or the photo book. The DVD is a special edition only for the crowdfunding, it will never be sold anywhere else. We will use the money to book theaters and advertise to get more people to sign the petition. Your names will be added to the film's credits. You will be the first to watch it online. You will get a link to download a printable poster for free  The price are taxes and shipping included. There will be no hazard, the film is already completed, it will be delivered to you. Don't forget to choose your language and location. The film's theater release will start November 2017. 

Thank you very much. You won't be disappointed.

Alexandre & Claire