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"Our Forgotten Souls" is not a classic anthropological documentary. It is an extraordinary and singular journey to the heart of their unknown and fragile world of the Jarawas, a total dive into their secret and enchanting universe.


The film is a dive into one of the most secretive place on earth. It was shot with an isolated tribe, the Jarawas, a stone-age people, the last of the early humans that migrated from Africa to the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal tens of millennia ago. This may be our last chance to see the idyllic lives of this amazing people before they vanish forever. They are only 400 people left.

This film asks essential questions about our origins, our relationship with others, our way of living together, the fight for the respect of human rights and our relationship with nature. It makes us aware of the fragility of our common good, the earth and its inhabitants.


The Jarawa’s world is made of trust, respect for Nature and they have kept an incredible happiness. This is an ecological, ethical, universal message to us. I am confident that you will be wowed by their wonderful world.

"Our Forgotten Souls" have a strong educational value for the whole family and its amazing for kids.



Alexandre Dereims
Cinematographer/DP, Director, Editor, Executive Producer, Writer

Claire Beilvert

Donald Sutherland

Raphael Bauche
Cinematographer/DP, Digital Effects

Romain Colonna d'istria
Sound Editor, Sound Mixer

Julien Baril
Original Music/Composer

Nosaj Thing
Original Music/Composer

Ross Tone
Original Music/Composer

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