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The Jarawas are dangerously exposed to an ongoing ethnocide and relegated to being the daily victims of a human zoo. We decided to meet them, and, with their permission, we wanted to create a documentary to give them a voice. 

Their voice told us much more than a story of victimization or oppression. They are the most ancient people on earth, the first human society. They reminded us of who we really are and our potential as humans. We have attempted to transmit this gift in our documentary, “Our forgotten souls”. 

The Jarawas are the living memory of what we were, the origin of modern humanity. Since we are all Homo Sapiens and despite our absurd and inhuman ways of life, we have all kept a part of the Jarawa soul deep within us. We aspire to the same things, to live happily, in peace and prosperity.

They reminded us of our deepest values of Love, Unity, Equality and Solidarity.  They reminded us of the meaning of life. They reminded us - or truly taught us for the first time - to fight for what matters; Protecting our Humanity. 

We often feel powerless when facing climate change, a rapid destruction of our planet and the extinction of animal species.  It is now more urgent than ever to take action.

Unlike us, the Jarawas live in a non-hierarchical society based on equality, individual freedom, autonomy, sharing, dialogue and transparency. As a result, they are responsible for their actions, they are able to find consensus in the decisions taken together, they trust each other, they are creative and resilient and they share a common project that unites them, the prosperity of their clan. They know the meaning of life and the reason for our presence on Earth. Their knowledge is priceless and indispensable to help us change our behaviour, the only way to stop the collapse that threatens us.

By connecting to the life's spirit of the Jarawas; their human values and their organizational model, we can  adopt healthier behaviors and be better equipped to face the challenges of the future. 

The message of the Jarawas is fundamental for humanity and our planet.