« We are Humanity » embed you into the original paradise

Somewhere on our planet, there is still a hidden place that has remained isolated from the rest of the world until today. The last paradise still intact where the first humans still live at the beginning of Humanity. They are called the Jarawas. They travelled from Africa to Asia, 70,000 years ago. They live on the Andaman Islands, in India. There are only 400 of them left. Today, our world is about to make them disappear.

The Jarawa people have never accepted to be filmed before we met us. They granted us an incredible access. We met with them to give them a voice. We filmed their life without seeking to transform it, without staging, and respected them as they are. « We are Humanity » is their unique testimony.

« We are Humanity » is an emotionally driven feature documentary that takes you on an immersive and revealing journey, going back to the original paradise... Re-shaping the documentary genre, the film captures the beginning of humankind, an unique and never seen stunning new film.

For children from 7 years old.



You can rent the film by clicking on the picture below. Every time you rent the film, you contribute to spreading the message of the Jarawa .

Thank you for your support and enjoy the film.


Alexandre Dereims, director / Claire Beilvert, producer