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Our goal is to file a complaint against the human zoo with the UN on behalf of the Jarawas.

We need a million signatures to be considered. 275,000 people have already signed.

Mission statement

The purpose of the non-profit organization we have created is to gather passionate, like-minded people of good will who understand the degree of importance of the Jarawas and their cultural, historical and human message for the future generations.  

We are a small group of people who deeply care about the core values of Life.  Working together, Loving together, Laughing together, Raising children together, Taking care of each other, Standing for each other. 

Together, we want to:

- Raise awareness, by circulating and obtaining a massive number of signatures for the petition by campaigning tirelessly alongside the media, public and governmental institutions, private organizations and NGOs.

- Have the fundamental rights of the Jarawas and Afro-Asian people of the Andaman Islands recognized: the right to land, the right to self-determination, human and citizens' rights in India and in the world, with governmental institutions, governments, and the UN.  

- To bring together indigenous peoples and their organizations to create a project in-common; an encyclopedia in the form of films, photos, texts and testimonies. The aim is to raise awareness and build a global support network around the Jarawas and the original lifestyles of indigenous people who symbolize the  beautiful nature of the first humans - and to share this knowledge with the general public.

- Educate children and adults about the Jarawas and their way of life by developing immersive  programs and accessible conferences from core values learned in the documentary. 

By joining the Jarawas foundation:

- You are committing to help stop the human zoo.
- You are committing to help raise awareness for the cause of the Jarawas so they can continue to live as they wish- freely.
- You are committing to share the petition with friends, colleagues and family. 

In return:

- You will receive a campaign kit to help educate, communicate and share with your network, friends, family, your blog,  social media, Website - and wherever and however you think it would be most impactful.
- You will receive activity reports on a regular basis.
- You will be involved in making decisions about the campaign’s strategy
and have the option to attend an Annual General Meeting to help work together to find and implement the best solutions to advance the Jarawas cause. 
- You will have a voting voice to help decide how donations will be used.

- You are encouraged to get involved to the degree that feels right for you.

About The Jarawas foundation

The Jarawas are dangerously exposed to an ongoing ethnocide and relegated to being the daily victims of a human zoo. We decided to meet them, and, with their permission, we wanted to create a documentary to give them a voice. 

Their voice told us much more than a story of victimization or oppression. They are the most ancient people on earth, the first human society. They reminded us of who we really are and our potential as humans. We have attempted to transmit this gift in our documentary, “Our forgotten souls”. 

They reminded us of our deepest values of Love, Unity, Equality and Solidarity.  They reminded us of the meaning of life. They reminded us - or truly taught us for the first time - to fight for what matters; Protecting our Humanity. 

We often feel powerless when facing climate change, a rapid destruction of our planet and the extinction of animal species.  It is now more urgent than ever to take action.

By connecting to the life's spirit of the Jarawas; their human values and their organizational model, we can  adopt healthier behaviors and be better equipped to face the challenges of the future. 

The message of the Jarawas is fundamental for humanity and our planet.  

Claire Beilvert, Head of campaign

Emilie Laporte-Kassman, Campaigner 

Alexandre Dereims, Campaigner