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It takes you five minutes and it changes everything.

Time is running out !

The African-Asian native people of the Andamans are dying unnoticed.

Imagine if you and your children were forced to stand for hours on a roadside for tourists to throw bananas at you and take pictures of your family. 

This is exactly what is happening on the Andaman Islands in India. 

Twice a day, under threat of armed guards, the Jarawas are treated like animals in a zoo! Because Jarawa people are African-Asians. Because they are indigenous people. 


© The Jarawas Foundation

You can post to say you support the Jarawas and you want the human zoo to end, on your facebook, copy the link to the petition

Take just few minutes of your time to ask your friends, family and colleagues to sign the petition.

To win against the Indian government, we need to collect a million signatures. 

If everyone who signs the petition finds three other people to sign, we can achieve our goal!

Over the past five years, we have campaigned to pressure the Indian government to close this dreadful human zoo. That is why we have launched a petition. 

We are rather proud because we are only a team of two volunteers, Alexandre and I, and we have managed to get more than 275,000 signatures. 

You can also join the association. Your subscription is used to send thousands of emails and get more signatures.

A donation is great too, it really helps us to campaign.

Thanks a lot

Claire Beilvert, Head of campaign

Alexandre Dereims, Campaigner

 © The Jarawas Foundation


We met the Jarawas and with their permission we made a documentary film "Our Forgotten Souls" to make their people and their cause known. We have launched a petition to protect them that has gathered more than 270,000 signatures but we want to do more. Because there is an urgent need for the Jarawas and other Afro-Asian peoples, the Onges and the Sentinels. Their ethnocide is ongoing and organized by the Indian government. Watch the video.

We created the JARAWAS foundation to bring together people of good will to help us campaign for their protection, to have their rights recognized and to transmit their humanist and universal message of peace and harmony.

We have four missions:

- A mission to raise awareness, by obtaining as many signatures as possible for the petition, by campaigning in the media and on social networks, with public and governmental institutions, organizations and NGOs.

- A mission of representation and legal action to have the fundamental rights of the Jarawas and Afro-Asian peoples of the Andaman Islands recognized: the right to land, the right to self-determination, human and citizens' rights, in India and in the world, with governmental institutions and governments, at the UN and take legal action if necessary.

- A unifying mission to bring together indigenous peoples and their organizations around a common project, an encyclopedia in the form of films, photos, texts and testimonies. The aim is to gather around the Jarawas, the original lifestyles of the first humans and share this knowledge with the general public.

- An educational mission to schools, colleges, high schools and universities to promote the Jarawas and their way of life.

All ideas, critics, advices are welcome to help us to improve the reach.