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Time is running out ! 

The African-Asian native people of the Andamans are dying unnoticed.

The Great Andamaneses are extinct. The Sentinel are less than 100 people left. The Onge are less than 80 people left. The Jarawa are 400 people left. They are victims of a human zoo, their women have been kidnapped and raped, kids have been killed… A genocide is under way.

In 2016, we have launched a petition which have gathered more than 265 000 people. In 2019, we have set up the JARAWAS foundation in France (next in the USA, UK & Germany) to gather more people who want to campaign with us. 

This March there is a general election in India and we will send all the signatures to the government, the medias and the candidates. We want them to get the message : they must close the human zoo road ! We hope to have 300 000 signatures by then. We want 1 000 000 !

We have four missions, help us to achieve them:

- A mission to raise awareness, by obtaining as many signatures as possible for the petition, by campaigning in the media and on social networks, with public and governmental institutions, organizations and NGOs.

- A mission of representation and legal action to have the fundamental rights of the Jarawas and Afro-Asian peoples of the Andaman Islands recognized: the right to land, the right to self-determination, human and citizens' rights, in India and in the world, with governmental institutions and governments, at the UN and take legal action if necessary.

- A unifying mission to bring together indigenous peoples and their organizations around a common project, an encyclopedia in the form of films, photos, texts and testimonies. The aim is to gather around the Jarawas, the original lifestyles of the first humans and share this knowledge with the general public.

- An educational mission to schools, colleges, high schools and universities to promote the Jarawas and their way of life.